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Temperature and humidity chambers in QRA Lab

Our Products

Designed by QRA International. Our very own QRA Humidity and Temperature Chambers are suitable for all types of testing under different humidity and temperature settings. We also provide other chambers for Athletic Performance, Hypoxic, Walk in Chambers. Contact us for more.

QRA Chambers

QRA Humidity & Temperature Chamber

Temperature and Humidity tests are essential in simulating environments and for screening out infant mortalities or poorly made components and products in the factory. Many sectors use these chambers. Some of these sectors are :

  • Biomedical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Electronics

  • Semiconductor

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Defence

Temperature Range          : -70 C to +180 C
Relative Humidity Range  :10 to 95% rH
Change Rate                     : 0.5 to 3 deg C / min (heat and cool)

Sizes                                  : 80 litres to 1500 litres

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QTH 340_40 QRA Temperature and Humidity chamber
QRA Environmental Stress Chambers

QRA Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

High rates of change create thermal stresses which ultimately leads to components, device, PCB board and product failures. The Stress Screening Chambers ensure that these failures are first observed in the factory and not in the worst possible place, at the customer’s home or workplace.

The early detection of infant mortalities in the factory saves manufactures millions of dollars yearly in product field recall, field replacements, and most importantly, reputation and brand reliability.

Temperature Range : -70 C to + 180 C

Relative Humidity     : 10 to 95% rH

Change Rate            : up to 25 deg C / minute

Sizes                        : 80 to 1500 litres

Athletic Environmental Chambers

QRA’s Athletic chamber can simulate different kinds of weather, humidity and temperature, sunlight spectrum, altitude conditions as well as CO2 control to accommodate both the athlete’s long-term training and providing for the sports scientists perfect weather conditions at any time.

Environmental Parameters
a) Temperature Range : – 20 deg C to + 50 deg C
b) Humidity Range : 10 to 98 %
c) Hypoxic (altitude) Range : Sea level up to 9000 m
d) Carbon Dioxide Control : 400 parts per million (ppm) minimum to within 2000 ppm
e) Wind simulation : 0 to 15 m / s
f) Sunlight Simulation : 400 to 1200 W / m2

Sports Chamber at Singapore Sports Council

Download data sheet


Other Chamber & Systems

We also have a wide range of chambers for your need. HAST, Walk In, Dual Chambers, Automotive are available upon request or upon consultation that you will require the particular setup. 

Contact us for a free consultation today.

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